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Digital Video Creation is a $135 BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY (Forbes).

And it shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.
So it’s no wonder that the most popular and PROFITABLE products on JVZoo are video products.
And that’s why there is so much training for video products covered in Ignite.

They Are Without A Doubt The MOST PROFITABLE Niche Of Products To Make Money With.

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The better your videos are the more you’ll sell and the more money you’ll make.

The more resources you have to hand, the quicker and easier your videos will be to make.

The wider your range of resources, the more niches you can tap into and the more clients you can satisfy.

With This ‘All You’ll Ever Need’ Video Package, You Will Be Able To:

  • Make More Videos
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  • Keep Customers COMING BACK To YOU
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  • Profit From A Wider Reach Of Niches
  • Never Run Out Of The Videos You Can Make
  • Make More Types And Styles Of Videos
  • Keep Your Videos Looking Fresh and Up To Date

Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting Inside

This Jam-Packed Video Package That’s Going To

Save You Time, Effort & Stress:

  • $10,000 PLUS, Top Quality, Ready-To-Go Video Templates.

Make additional professional spokesperson videos in simply minutes with just a few clicks with these amazing templates

(Value: $ (A Specific Amount Over $13,743)


  • Over 20,000+ REAL LIFE Spokesperson Clips, You Can Use To Promote Yourself, Small Businesses, And Your Products.

Stand out from your competition with an amazing set of REAL life spokesperson videos -

Yup - these aren’t Avatars or computerised animations that don’t look or sound ‘quite right’...

These are REAL LIFE, PROFESSIONALLY RECORDED spokesperson video clips -

Where YOU get to choose exactly what the professional actor says!

That YOU can easily make into real spokesperson videos for you, your products, brand and of course, your paying clients.

All you need to do is:

  • Choose Your Actor
  • Choose What They Say
  • Let EZ Magic Videos Make Your REAL LIFE Spokesperson Video For You.

(Remember, you got EZ Magic Videos FREE with Ignite that you’ve just bought!)

And because all of the footage is REAL - You can have the BEST QUALITY, most PROFESSIONAL looking spokesperson videos ever!

(Value: $23,450)

Total Value: Value: $37,193

Perfect To Use With Any Of Your Video Products.

AND With The Two Amazing Video Products I’ve Just Given You With Your Purchase Of Ignite...

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  • Even More Profitable
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  • More Often
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Don’t Worry, This Is Not Some Sort Of Club.

You’re Getting All This INSTANTLY For Just A Small ONE-TIME Investment.

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You’re getting EVERYTHING you need -

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Right from the get go.
All for just a one-time cost.

That’s maximum profits for the long-term.
With NO long-term commitment.

PLUS I’m Even Going To Give You Advanced Training On How To Sell EZ Magic Videos and EZ Review Videos For Maximum Profits.

  • A professional website to sell your video commercials
  • Industry-specific knowledge to totally crush it in the video business
  • Detailed instruction on how to build a profitable agency with your own “review videos” service
  • And so much more...

All for just a one-time cost.

And All This For Just:

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Remember, Just One Single Video Clip With Getty Costs $475.
That’s $408 More Than The Price Of This Incredible All-In-One Video Package.
And That Would Be For Just 1 Single Clip…

This Amazing Package Contains More Than 20,000!
Making sure you never run out of the videos you can create -

The clients you can sell to...
And the profits you can make.

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Ignite EZ Special

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